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Miriam Maring


Lal Kottu

Miriam Maring and Lal Kottu

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Our Story

In true modern fairytale fashion, our story begins with a swipe to the right. After brief messaging which mostly involved agreeing that the Lord of the Rings soundtrack is fantastic, we decided to meet. No small choice given it was Oct 2020 (pre-vaccine). So the boy from Brooklyn and the girl from Manhattan met halfway in Soho to dine outside. Though both introverts, somehow the time we spent together brought us both more energy instead of draining us - looking back it was the first clue this was something different.

Our early dating consisted of dining outside, huddled under heaters in the cold NYC winter. We were in the pandemic bubble - but together. As things opened up we got to meet each other's friends and families, and start to picture how we fit not just together but in each other's worlds. Miriam brought Lal to Broadway and Lal brought Miriam to soccer games. We traveled well together. We become regulars together at our favorite restaurants. Which brings us to April 2023.

Lal was about to spend a month with his parents visiting from India to travel around to different parts of the US. The spring weather in NYC had been terribly rainy, but finally on the first Sunday in April we had a clear day and decided to go for a walk in Brooklyn. Lal timed a slow stroll perfectly for us to be under the Brooklyn Bridge with the early evening golden light - a photographer on standby ready to capture the proposal moment. We celebrated our engagement with pizza from one of our favorite spots (Juliana's) and calls to friends and family.

Which brings us to October 2023! Our wedding weekend is exactly three years from our first date. We are so excited to share this moment with friends and family. Love you all.
-Miriam & Lal